Recipe: Vegetarian Lasagna (and thoughts about meal planning & cooking in bulk)

I recently relocated to New York City, which has been a dream of mine since I was 20. I was talking to a friend of mine who I had known for close to five years now who was looking for a new apartment. I took this as an opportunity — practically jumped at this and offered to be “the Roommate.” I hadn’t had a roommate since I was 17 when Sefunmi and I were rooming together back at that High School Dual Credit Program Boarding School Place. So this is a new change. Big change. But ch-ch-ch-changes are good, right?

Unfortunately, this also means I’m going back to the days of living on a Ramen budget because it’s NYC and do I really need to mention the high cost of living? But let’s be real, I’m too old to be living solely on those delicious, high-sodium-content, pre-packaged noodles that are filling for only the next thirty minutes, so I’ve been obsessing over meals that can be made in bulk and frozen to be eaten later. I’ve been really lucky to be conveniently located near a produce market where I can get fresh veggies on sale. Tomatoes have always been a staple in my refrigerator, so to find campari and cherry tomatoes for 99 cents per box or larger tomatoes at 79 cents per pound was absolutely amazing.

But anyway, making food in bulk has saved me a lot of time, from when I get home after a tiring day and don’t want to really eat a quesadilla or cereal or a PBJ sammich (as yummy as those are). Making food in bulk also means you have the chance to shop for produce smartly. Look for veg and fruits that are on sale or lower from their normal rate (lately, those larger tomatoes were at $1.29/lb — 50 cent increase, yikes). Then prepare meals out of those things. Trust me, you’ll be able to find something that you’ll love to eat and easy to make with just a cursory Google search, and as I’m starting to live this way myself, I’ll happily share some of the stuff that I come up with as well. I recently made a large pot of my chili:



I still have some left over, sitting in Tupperware in the freezer. I’ll eat that within the next week or so, but yesterday, I wanted to do a little something different. I wanted to use up all the zucchini and yellow squash I had sitting in my fridge that I bought about two weeks ago, so I made vegetarian lasagna.

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