Mandarin Monday, 第二课

Mandarin Monday was started to help me remember the Chinese I was regretfully slowly forgetting.  By informing others and writing about vocabulary, phrases, and grammar along with tidbits about Chinese culture, I hope to not only relearn the language but also help others learn as well.  I welcome questions and criticisms if you find that my grammar is incorrect;  contact me in comments or my e-mail: sue[@]madeinkowloon[.]com.  Thank you!

dà jiā hǎo! hěn jiǔ bù jiàn.

big family good very long time no see = Hello everyone! Long time no see.

Actually, it’s not that long; it’s only been a week.  Last Monday, I left off with introductory greetings.  The next few lessons I will go into more basics, such as places and numbers so you are able to keep those appointments you scheduled throughout your week!  Today’s lesson: Numbers and Dates. Read the rest of this entry »