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Mandarin Monday, 第二课

Mandarin Monday was started to help me remember the Chinese I was regretfully slowly forgetting.  By informing others and writing about vocabulary, phrases, and grammar along with tidbits about Chinese culture, I hope to not only relearn the language but also help others learn as well.  I welcome questions and criticisms if you find that my grammar is incorrect;  contact me in comments or my e-mail: sue[@]madeinkowloon[.]com.  Thank you!

dà jiā hǎo! hěn jiǔ bù jiàn.

big family good very long time no see = Hello everyone! Long time no see.

Actually, it’s not that long; it’s only been a week.  Last Monday, I left off with introductory greetings.  The next few lessons I will go into more basics, such as places and numbers so you are able to keep those appointments you scheduled throughout your week!  Today’s lesson: Numbers and Dates. Read the rest of this entry »


Mandarin Monday, 第一课

Since the summer, I’ve been researching Chinese environmental laws, and I came across a few documents that were only available in Chinese. After a few years studying Chinese in high school and college, I was frustrated that I was only able to read a few sentences without the use of a language translation dictionary, and even more frustrated to realise that there were some words in the files that I should have known because I had already learned them in school!

So I need to brush up on my Chinese writin’/ readin’ skillz, especially considering my future career plans… And since I learn best when I’m teaching or discussing what I know with other people, I thought I could do it through this medium and call it Mandarin Monday.

I’ve come across a lot of other sites that teach several lessons of basic Chinese, complete with pinyin, vocabulary with sentences, and pronunciation audio files. I’m not sure how I want to go about utilising/ handling Mandarin Mondays yet since this is a rather impulsive decision, but I would appreciate feedback and welcome any questions. My e-mail is sue[@]madeinkowloon[.]com for anyone who wants to contact me privately.

Sidebar: I am using simplified Chinese for a variety of reasons; the most important one is that it’s less difficult to write, if you choose to practice doing so. Besides, most people learning the language nowadays (excluding Hong Kong students) are using simplified characters anyway. There was also a recent article about simplifying the already simplified, but I’ve misplaced the bookmark, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Without further ado, I present a lesson in Greetings. Read the rest of this entry »