Mandarin Monday, 第四课

Mandarin Monday was started to help me remember the Chinese I was regretfully slowly forgetting. By informing others and writing about vocabulary, phrases, and grammar along with tidbits about Chinese culture, I hope to not only relearn the language but also help others learn as well. I welcome questions and criticisms if you find that my grammar is incorrect; contact me in comments or my e-mail: sue[@]madeinkowloon[.]com. Thank you!

I’m going to interrupt our scheduled programming (survival expressions and questions to ask for and on a date) to bring you the MANDARIN MONDAY HOLIDAY EDITION! Sorta. I dropped the ball and forgot the Christmas sayings, but there’s always next year!


zhù nǐ xīn nián kuài lè
wish you new year 快 乐 happy = I wish you a happy new year!

“Happy” is a two-character word. In Chinese, there are a lot of joint words like this. Sometimes, each word will mean something completely different if standing on its own. For example, means “fast,” and is typically associated with “music.” I guess in this case, if you like mnemonics, you could say fast music makes people happy? Or fast music is generally associated with happy things? Haha you get the idea; I quit. Read the rest of this entry »