A space to chronicle the next chapter; to document roller coaster experiences life presents; to record the attempts of trying to find oneself.


I actively kept an online journal (livejournal, mostly) in the beginning of 2003, but it eventually died a slow death upon entering my sophomore year in undergrad. made in kowloon started because I missed writing, and I wanted to re-create a space where I could express my thoughts about a myriad of things ad nauseum, including but not limited to the following: fashion, cooking, dating, work, my awesome (sometimes) fobby parents, life after graduate school, and life in general.


Born in Hong Kong. Raised in California and Texas. Now living the life in NYC (my dream, five years in the making). Masters graduate in international studies and political science. Geek about environmental policy and security and climate change. Advocate of human rights, particularly children’s rights to education and anti-human trafficking. Dabbled in that whole legal world/law school thing. Fashionista. Bibliophile currently working on a historical fiction revolving around the Third Sino-Vietnamese War (more like adapting it into a screenplay, honestly). Eclectic audiophile. Lover of spectating sports (especially footy). Former high school policy debater, coach and judge. Foodie who makes a mean lasagna and kick-ass apple pies from scratch.

I can be reached at sueofkowloon [at] gmail [dot] com!