10 Secrets

by Sue

Hello, old friend.  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Lots of things have changed since I’ve last really posted (October 2010, hahaa), and in time, I will tell you stories.  Many wonderful (or not-so-wonderful and probably positively boring) stories.  But right now, I feel like procrastinating in my study for the last final exam of this glorious semester.  I’m bringing back the Twitter meme all my twiends (haha) were doing when they were stuck inside their houses during the snowpocalypse.  Anyway, without further ado, because I know you really want 10 days of me:

1. For two or so years, I was heavily involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism in my region, and this period was, like, the awesomest.  My friend and I would go to the fighter practices every Thursday, and while she was practicing with the rapier (sometimes I would do this too, but definitely not at competition level), I was off making scrolls for the champions or learning melodies and lyrics to sing during Feast or helping out in the kitchen making wassail or something.  Anyway.  The two of us would drive around to the Middle of Freaking Nowhere every other weekend to participate in the events.  I got to dress up in cute flowy long dresses with bodices and corsets.

Anyway, there were a lot of good memories associated with this period, despite the cold weather and mud I had to walk in or the bugs that flew around me from time to time (which got me unwanted attention once :/).  Also, if by chance you are reading this, M’lady Alexandria, the DUKE FOREVERRRR.  Hahaha.

2. While we’re on this topic of roleplaying and whatever, I used to do it via play-by-post in forums and then moved on to journals where I would just write and write and write.  I like to think that some of best stuff I’ve ever written was for a character named Caitrin, and I like to blame the fact that I did so much writing during these years that I now have developed some sort of writers’ block for everything else.  I think this is also when I started my habit of writing the meat of my papers first before writing introductions – I have no idea if either of these things correlate with one another, but I just tend to blame my writing “complications” on this period.  I did, like my SCA experience, have a ton of fun while doing this – although there were situations where I was so tired of the “out-of-character” drama that was happening.  Anyway, I am still fwiends with one of my writing buddies. (hola papi!)

3. I’m a bit of a control freak.  I don’t try to control people, no.  I just…worry and panic A LOT about things that I generally don’t have control over.  I have been advised not to plenty of times, but it happens anyway.  I try to think of myself as a spontaneous person, and I think I was one when I was a teenager or something, but I’m not.  I like to make plans and set plans into motion, and sometimes deviations will make me all craycray.

4. I get road rage.  This is probably the most hilarious thing you’ll ever read, but it’s true: I hate terrible drivers.  (cue laughter) People who refuse to let you in to the lane or speed up when you speed up or slow down when you slow down DRIVE ME NUTS.  People who cut you off, trying to do a jersey slide, Drive Me Freaking Nuts.  People who don’t use their blinkers or just leave their blinkers on for five minutes and never go and then when you speed up, they finally decide that they want to now turn into your lane also make my blood boil.  I have dropped the f-bomb more times in the car than anywhere else.  I have flipped people off – probably only twice, but still.  I have called people by a slew of names; my favourites being ‘bitch’ and ‘whore.’  I have used them enough to where my mom has also started to pick up my bad habit.  Now, I don’t actually pull up next to them, slow down to their pace and yell these things, but I have used my horn more times than I care to remember.  I don’t know.  At least I’m not the kind that will throw bricks at people’s windshields.  My dad, however, is worried that even from a distance, people will be able to read my lips and subsequently shoot me or throw bricks in my face.

5. I have crushed on many many many many fictional characters.  Trent from Daria (who didn’t?), Aubrey from Amelia Atwater-Rhodes’ Demon in My View (not so much in In the Forests of the Night), Cal – before all that craycray nonsense – from Cate Tiernan’s Sweep series.  These are all from yester years, of course.  Currently, I am crushing on The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper :( I cannae help that he is so smurt and arrogant about it.  Anyway, there have been plenty in all my 23 years of living, and I’m pretty sure I won’t stop any time soon either.  Oh, also, he is not a character, but I have/ had the biggest crush on Norman Reedus because of secret #2.  I mean, he is a fine specimen of a man, but #2 just sealed the deal for me, I think.  Okay whatever, enough with this weird stuff.

6. I have never fallen in love.  I know what it feels like to love a person – as a friend, as a relative, so I don’t think it’s too terrible of a thing.  I think I came close once, but there wasn’t enough time for it to develop into something remotely related to that word.  I mean, if you have to ask yourself whether you were in love with someone, you’re clearly not, right?  I’ve been told that “you just know,” and since I never knew, I was never. Haha.

7. I’ve already told you about my Hello Kitty stash.  I also collect books – not in the Gatsby way, but in a more serious way?  Except for that one time I sold 3 boxes of books to Half Price Books, I have never gotten rid of any of my books. I think I still have some old R.L. Stine Goosebumps series sitting around in boxes in the attic, along with my beanie babies (lawlz).  I also have not sold back any of my books from college except for mathematics and intro to philosophy (because I clearly did not care for either of these subjects; sorry, Logic).  I have the fantasy of having my own study filled to the brim with books: books, books everywhere!  I would like Beast’s library, but let’s be real… I don’t imagine I’d end up living in a castle or anything remotely similar to a castle…

8. When I was younger, I wanted to be a doctor. More specifically, I wanted to be a neurosurgeon.  Then I wanted to be a cardiologist.  Then a neurosurgeon again.  Then an ophthalmologist mainly because I thought it would be some kind of poetic irony that I would be helping people who would have gone through the same crap that I went through.  Then everything changed when I took a particular Western civ class in college; I fell in love with history and never really looked back.

9. When I get nuts, I go crazy.  Or at least I used to; I like to think that I have inserted the word ‘moderation’ into my vocabulary.

10. My favourite word at the moment is ‘advesperating.’  Before, it alternated between ‘defenestrate’ and ‘serendipitous.’  My favourite adverb is ‘surreptitiously.’

Anyway, I wrote these down around midnight, so it’s probably a little obvious that I got tired toward the end of this segment.  But tada!  Secrets revealed!