So he finally comes out??: Introducing.. my daddy!

by Sue

I suppose since I introduced the cuteness that is my mother, I thought it was about time I did the same for my dad. You see, he’s just as much of a fob if not more than my mom. He’s a guy that stands at 5’7″ and probably weighs about as much as I do – I mean, geez, he can still fit into boy jeans. He freaking shops in the juniors section. But alright, enough about that.

My dad is a really shy person, unless he’s with his brothers, drankin’ and reminiscing about ole’ times. Then, according to Moms, he’ll sing and even… dance :-O He fits right into the mold of that stereotypical Asian person: soft-spoken and super smart in maths. Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to be him, to be able to calculate problems with weird numbers in my head without the use of even pencil and paper because I got the liberal arts gene from Moms. (I mean, one time, I had to use pen and paper for 11+11 – no joke. I was slow that day. :-/ My mom found the piece of paper and laughed at me with my dad. Good times.) Anyway…

He is the son of a Chinese merchant who was posted at a border village in Vietnam where he met his Chinese-Vietnamese wife. dad’s a country boy. A country boy who was raised by his brothers because his father passed from cancer before he was born, who walked several miles to school every day and returned home to work in the family business, and who took the biggest risk of his life by riding in some small rinky dink boat to safety in Hong Kong. He went to the Phillippines and Hawaii for schooling, and he’s been in the States since at least 1984. Even then, he’s got an even worse accent than my mom when it comes to speaking in English, haha, and that’s only if he really needs to use the language – say with a client or something. Sometimes, though, he’ll just imitate people on the radio or television for the hell of it, especially when he starts singing along all silly in the car – mostly to make me giggle, but one night, it got a little confusing.

I was walking to my room from the kitchen, and I knew my parents were in the living room watching a show. Then I heard:

Dad [in English]: “I. Am. Gay! No, honey. I am gay!”
I seriously backtracked and peered into the room.
Me: “You’re what?!”
Mom is cracking up, and I’m wondering wtf kind of conversation I walked in on.
Dad, looking at me, smiling [in English]: “I am gay!”

It wasn’t until my mom had to rewind the show they were watching Bethenny Getting Married?? that I understood he was imitating the guy who worked at the hotel, who gave Bethenny a foot massage before she walked down the aisle. Because, welps, the other option would have made it a very interesting evening.

Also, another awesome recent gem:

The three of us went to a local Tex-Mex place we love to celebrate mom’s birfday.

Rofl. So just ignore the fact I look like a complete lush, alright. :-/ Anyway, so sometimes, they’ll have people who come in and solicit, even though there are stickers on the doors that say it’s prohibited. Anyway, this guy was selling pens for a dollar, and my mom, always the charitable little lady, bought two of them. After a margarita and a half, my dad and I are cracking jokes and writing all over my take-out box.

My Daddy's Awesome Handiwork! Hee.

It’s supposed to read my name, which is missing an ‘a’ and “Happy Birthday.”