Fashion Friday: Essential Women’s Wardrobe

by Sue

You had to have known this was coming… This is the complement list to the Essential Men’s Wardrobe. I have been meaning to return to these for a very long time, but life gets in the way, even though it doesn’t look like it from my Twitter feed. :-( Sorry, folks. But fear not! I have returned and with a vengeance I might add. So let’s DO THIS THANG! (or something…)

Not that I’m hoping any of these things will happen to you, but in the event that your house has collapsed, burned down, waterlogged, disappeared into another dimension with all of your clothing inside it, the following items are needed to make your wardrobe whole again. I mean, if you’ve shed the weight of an entire person (omg so awesome) or if you’re just looking to edit your wardrobe by either adding pieces or starting fresh, these are things you will definitely need.

The Essential Women’s Wardrobe


• 1 pair of flats/ sandals
• 1 pair of trainers/ sneakers
• 1 pair of black pumps – I prefer pointy-toed pumps, simply because when paired with slacks, it gives you a longer horizontal line. This is especially great for petite/ shorter women because a longer line gives you the illusion of increased height. And if you’re like me, that’s all you ever really want anyway, right?
• 1 pair of knee-high boots – I would opt for black, and it’s your decision if you want them high heeled or flat.  However, I just think black would be better if they were high heeled and brown would work better for flat.


• 1 pair black dress slacks – FLAT FRONT. FLAT FRONT. FLAT FRONT. Leave the pleats to the men. You do not need to look like you’ve got room enough for a baby, alright. Unless you are having a baby.. in which case, you shouldn’t wear pleats in your pants anyway :-/
• 2 skirts – 1 a-line and 1 pencil – Actually, depending on your shape, I might recommend one over the other. On the one hand, the pencil skirt is just so classic and helps create the lower half of the hourglass shape. I think they’re sophisticated and very sexy on a woman. On the other hand, the pencil skirt can accentuate too much of the lower half and may make you feel self conscious if you’ve got crazy birthing hips/ are a pear shape. In that case, I would highly suggest getting another pair of the a-line because it fits snugly at the waist, which accentuates it, while it flares out, masking/ diminishing the look of wide(r) hips.
• 1 pair dark wash denim – I mentioned this in the EMW, but I believe it is worth reiterating. Dark wash denim will save you from crises and give you a lot of versatility in your wardrobe because you can dress it up or down. The cut is entirely up to you, but I am a fan of only the skinny, the boot cut, and the trouser styles.
• 1 pair of khaki pants/ shorts (optional)

** The side pockets should be flat to avoid drawing attention to your hips. if you notice they gap when you wear them, the pants might be too small for you, or you might need to get them sewn shut.  Also, if you look in the mirror and you see the pants are clinging and molding your arse, I’m sorry, those have GOT TO GO.  No one needs that much spandex/ lycra in their clothing.  They should generally hug your hips and the highest point of your behind and flow straight down in a clean line (unless they are skinny jeans..).


• 2 dress shirts – 1 in white and 1 in a colour of your choosing
• 3 camisoles/ tank tops – 1 in white, 1 in black, and 1 in a flesh tone colour.
• casual/ evening wear – 2 silk satin camisoles, 2 solid/ graphic tee shirts/ polos


• 1 Little Black Dress
• 1 work dress
• 1 sundress

** There are many LBDs that are also work appropriate. If you find one, then you won’t need to purchase an extra dress.


• solid coloured sweater – I suggest v-neck or a scoop/ boat neck because I loooove collar bones. I think showing off your collar bone is sexy. There’s just something about them. :-|
• blazer/ structured jacket to match your bottoms – preferably in black or dark grey. If you can’t button the buttons, move on to another or buy a larger size and have them tailored to fit you.
• outerwear – peacoat/ NICE heavy outerwear and the optional luxury item – trench coat (I love my trench coats, you guys. I have a shorter double-breasted and a longer double breasted <3)
• 2 cardigans – 1 in lightweight cotton for the warmer seasons and 1 in a heavier fabric for the cooler temperatures – preferably navy, dark grey, or black


• 2 pairs of stockings – 1 in flesh tone and 1 in black
• 3 bags (oh gosh this would be the death of me.) – 1 working tote, 1 everyday bag, 1 evening clutch
• 1 nice belt – black
• 2 pairs of earrings – 1 subtle stud, 1 dangling chandelier — the chandelier earrings will probably be your go-to piece because they work well for evening and even during the day.


• swimsuit/ athletic wear
• lingerie/ sleepwear
• socks for your trainers/ sneakers.

That’s it!  Wasn’t that easy peasy??  Hehe. :D