My Worstest Nightmare Come True

by Sue

That’s right… I’m retaking the LSAT. Last year around this time, I was panicking a helluva lot more than I should have in retrospect. But what is that saying? Hindsight is always 20/20? I mean, I did not make the dreaded 130, but as a somewhat overachiever (lolz) it was definitely not something I wanted to write home about, and with the increasing number of people taking the test and applying to law school last cycle, I might as well have made that 130… lost in the Waitlist Sea. Though don’t get me wrong, (and I think this is important for those who are applying or thinking about applying this upcoming cycle) I was/ am super happy to get these ‘waitlisted’ e-mails because it meant it’s not an outright rejection, which happened several times too.

I’m holding out on one school, which I think is THE school for me, that hasn’t responded yet, but I’m not holding my breath. So, I’m retaking the LSAT to cover my bases, or at least I’m starting to prepare for it. Originally, I thought I’d say “Screw it. I’m never looking at that test ever again. EVER.” And until a week ago, I thought I’d reapply for the EPA internship I coveted last September or get an MLA in international policy (read: Chinese) with an emphasis in environmental science/ studies at a private institution here…or both. Then the question: “Would that make you happier?” came up. (This is why I don’t really like retreating into my brain, you guys. I’m a happy ENFJ/ ESFJ [depends on when and which test I take…weird, eh?] because I make myself depressed. Ugh.) And my answer was a resounding no.

Let’s face it, I was never one to just settle (okay, I did that one time when I was dating this guy, but thankfully that didn’t last very long.), so excuse me if I don’t start now. I mean, I made A LOT of mistakes last cycle, and though it should bring me down that it’s a HIGH probability I won’t start school this fall (hahaha), it doesn’t. Because it means that I will want it even more and that I’ll be in a place where going to class is like…my oxygen or something. (I’ve been out of undergrad for almost 4 years, and I’m turning 23 in October.)

So here are the mistakes that I made and recognise from Phase 1 of last cycle. I didn’t take some of the advice that was given to me – mostly because it was too late or because I have ADD or because I was just plain dumb and wanted to do it my way – but I hope you won’t do some of these things that I did. That you’re smarter than me, in some way. Only not, because then I’d be SOL when reapplying…


1. I was hella overwhelmed because I adopted too many methods. There are MOUNTAINS of information out there: study guides, prep courses, TLS forum threads, current law school students’ Twittter pages and/ or blawgs. They are all going to mention different things, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow everything they tell you. You’ll end up very confused like I was in the first few weeks I was studying for this thing (back in March.. hahasob) and you’ll just want to shoot yourself, which is never a good thing. I mean, think about the people who will have to clean up your mess.. :-|

Anyway, my point is… find something or someone you like and stick with them.

2. Once I found my particular style, I still didn’t do it correctly. After every practice section or prep test you complete, review the material and analyse the questions you answered incorrectly. Maybe I am the only person in the world that didn’t do this, which makes me really stupid, but whatever… I didn’t. I took the practice questions, read the correct answers to the questions I missed, and skimmed the reasoning. Then I beat myself up and continued the process. Einstein would have labeled me insane, mkay.

So the lesson here is to REVIEW AND ANALYSE your incorrect answers!

3. At the end of the day, I just don’t think I studied enough or took it TOO seriously. I mean, I did, but I could have pushed myself to do even better. I let the fear of “cheese and rice this test is HUGE. BIG. MY FUTURE. MY LIFE” get in the way of productively studying. Does that make sense?

I’m sure I’ve made more mistakes than this in relation to the exam, but I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Besides, these booboos are like whales you can’t overlook.  In the meantime, this is it. I’ve kinda bared my soul, especially the stupid parts, and let you people judge, and I’m okay with that, I think. I mean, geez, coughing up to your mistakes is hard?