Tap, Tap, Tap… Is this thing on?

by Sue

I return for a brief moment from my unannounced (and for this I am sorry…  leaving you on the edge of your seats, wondering if this blog has perished and gone to Blog Heaven… :-( ) hiatus to bring you a Public Service Announcement.

Family and Friends:

I am ever so grateful for you, especially when you lent me an ear so I could spout all kinds of crazy things about applying to law school.  Oh, you know, when I got those rather minor panic attacks where some of my hair fell out over a silly little standardized test.  Or when I blabbered on about wondering ‘who I really am’ and how to best express it in three-pages, double spaced, twelve-sized Times New Roman.  Or even those couple of weeks, right before sending in the initial applications, when I got cold feet and decided to apply for a Masters in Liberal Studies.  Luckily, I finally made up my mind.  I had lost too many hours of sleep.  I had worked too hard.  I couldn’t and still can’t give up on something that I believe I love… even after a year and a half working in a civil litigation firm..

You guys were/ are awesome.

But, seriously?  You have also got to stop hounding me about whether or not I’ve gotten an acceptance letter yet.  The perfectionist that I am, I wrote and tossed away hundreds of personal statement drafts before settling one that I could swallow, and that, delayed my application process.  I didn’t really finish all of applications until the “OMGYOUARESOLATEITISNOWFEBRUARY” mark.

<sidebar> For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about: because I took the September LSAT, I should have already had my applications in before Thanksgiving.

And I’m still now in the process of just applying to a couple of other schools, for the hell of it.  So, my dears, no.  I have not received any notifications from any law schools.  It is still yet early for me.  And I promise, you will eventually know the who, what, when, and where.  Til then… the answer is ‘no’ and ‘next topic please..”