Things I’s be Hatin’

by Sue

Just look at this ridiculous piece of garbage for an advertisement. I cannot even believe this bullshite of a program/ website exists for public consumption. Don’t ask me where I came across it because I have the memory of a goldfish, but if I remembered, I would link it here. Truf. Anyway, there’s several reasons why this advertisement makes me angreeee: ugh

First, there’s absolutely no respect for privacy. Understandably with the current state of technology, everything on the internet is pretty much public forum, and there’s no expectation of keeping anything hidden. Even if you decide to post something anonymously, if the content is the slightest controversial, people will want to know who is behind the mask. But seriously? Pin-pointing a person’s approximate location is taking a bit too far, don’t you think? For Creepazoid who wants to know who you are, they can get your home and work addresses, names of family members, and any telephone numbers that may be linked to you, possibly including mobile phone numbers. A few key strokes and a click of a mouse on Google gives you a wealth of information, and to know that one of those listed phone numbers can let said Creepazoid come and find you? I don’t know. Maybe I’m more than a little paranoid, but there are people who actually put in that much effort.

Second, it says “See where your boyfriend REALLY is!” With the acknowledgment of the GLBT community, most Americans still link “boyfriend” with “girlfriend.” It’s basically directing this at women. And let’s just get this straight – women are not the only ones who want to check up on their significant other. Women are not the only ones who can be possessive and clingy and emotionally insecure. I have known more than my share of men who cannot handle their emotions, whether it be sensitivity or jealousy or something else.

Third, “See where your boyfriend REALLY is!” is practically putting a loaded gun into every not-sure-about-their-relationship person’s hand. Just type in your SO’s mobile number to find out if so-and-so is cheating! Having the fear or suspecting your partner of cheating is not, most of the time, because he or she is actually doing the deed. However, it does signal that there is a problem in your relationship, and you need to discuss this with your partner instead of playing mind games with yourself, contemplating every possible option in the universe. Because at the end of the day, your guess is just that… a guess. Constantly feeding into your fear with a multitude of hypotheticals is not going to resolve your issue.

Fear is conjured because you don’t know and cannot control the results. Fear is conjured because you are unsure of yourself. And if you’re letting this fear of being cheated on gravely tempt you into checking out and actually using the product this image is advertising, your focus is SERIOUSLY in the wrong direction.