Fashion (every other) Friday, vol. 3

by Sue

I think this is actually the very first time I am posting a Fashion Friday post ON Friday. Unfortunately, I am not updating with more rules and ideas on what and what not to wear. Instead because I am SO PUMPED about my birthday pubcrawl tomorrow night and because I’ve tweeted about my event outfit and what to do for my outfit at least five million times in the past couple of days alone, I thought I would let you know what I’m gonna roll out with. (Isn’t the kitty so cute? I likes da lolcat kitties..)

The following gallery of pictures basically make up the outfit I’ll be wearing tomorrow evening. If you click on the individual photos, there’s a ‘description’ of where I found it and the price. If you click on that description link, it will take you to the web page where you can purchase it! Then you’ll notice little snarky comments I made on every piece – how it differs from mine, how mine is more awesomer, etc etc.

Before you go on your merry way to explore the awesomeness that is my birfday suit, this spicy black number was a contender… until I tried it on in the dressing room. Ladies, BEWARE. This thing is mofo’in omg see-through like whoa!

You’ll notice that I didn’t add a necklace or earrings to this set. Because my dress has a detailed, beaded neckline, you’d want to stay away from necklaces at all costs because that beadwork will ultimately become your necklace. As for earrings, I ended up with a mid-dangle earring because I didn’t want it to clash with my neckline necklace. Something like this would definitely work.

Anyway, of course I will post pictures of the ensemble later! But next week, I’ll return to our regularly scheduled program. ;) Have a great weekend!