This is me. Not hyperventilating.

by Sue

Three months ago, I was losing my mind at an incredible rate. Think about how fast bacteria spreads. Then multiply that times infinity. I was drinking at least one cup of coffee or a Monster/ Red Bull a day. I didn’t sleep until 1am, even though I had to wake up at 8am the next day. (I know, I know.. What a retard, at least you still get 7 hours a day! Yeah…) My skin was suffering horribly from the stress and lack of sleep and the horrible diet. I actually lost some of my precious strands of dark brownish/ auburn hair because I was going insane over the LSAT.

Then it was as if some kind of lightning struck my brain to where it made me nonchalant about the whole matter. Three weeks before the exam, I was reviewing questions, but it didn’t matter as much to me if I had gotten a few of them incorrect on the Logical Reasoning sections. Throughout the remainder of the time before and during the test, I was completely calm. I was in a state of numbness.. A disconnect. Perhaps even apathy.

It’s been three weeks since the LSAT, and throughout that time, I was just cruisin’. I was happy to be done with that horror – for now. I caught up with some long overdue telly episodes. Read a few chapters of the books I had laying around my place. Went out with my friends every other night. I’ve been having a grand ole time, really. Until this week. Because we were going to get our scores back. So was that strange, semi-quiet period just a calm before the storm? I feel exactly the same way I had four months prior. There were rumours going around that we’d get our results back today, and I’ve heard that some indeed have gotten their’s back today. LSAC listed they’d be available on Monday, but a lot of people are crossing their fingers for tomorrow.

I’m not sure if I want to cross my fingers. Because I’m not sure if I want to know my score… What if I do get the dreaded 130 and have to relive that nightmare all over again?