Things I’m Feelin’

by Sue

I had originally wanted to debut a new ‘Reviews’ series into my blog because just like everyone else I have opinions about this-or-that band/ movie/ book. I was going to start with discussing this awesome music genre and leading to a review of my weekend spent in Austin for Austin City Limits, but obviously that’s not happening tonight. Instead, you’ll get something I’m going to call “Things I’m Feelin'” because it’s not really a review; it’s more like shining a light on certain things I’m particularly diggin’ at the moment. So without further ado…

Every once in a while, we get impressed by something produced in the entertainment industry. We watch the pilot episode of a telly show, think it amazing and wait as long as a month or more to finally witness the premiere. Then there’s the song you hear on the radio. A single where you can definitely move your hips along with the beat, or if you’re super rhythmically challenged like most people I know, you can at least bob your head up and down to the sound. It’s so wonderfully orchestrated, you think, or this dude’s rap is so intense and so sick that you have to see what the rest of the album is about; you can’t wait to get your hands on the album when it comes out in a few days on iTunes.

In a matter of weeks as the show progresses or the songs speak to you more and actually become relatable to you, you become … slightly obsessed. You might put a certain song on repeat or you’re counting down to the days when you’ll finally get to DVR or have viewing parties of that certain show. You all know what I’m talking about. That feeling of anticipation and excitement as you bite your fingernails or rock back and forth…waiting. I remember when I finished season 1 of True Blood in 3 days because I could not stop. I wanted to know what happened to Bill or Sookie, and especially one Eric Northman. Then when I finally caught up with and finished season 2, I realized I had to move on to a next fascination. The Next Thing to help me with my tendencies for procrastination.

How I Met Your Mother. CSI. Practicing dance moves in front of my full length mirror to Mariah’s Obsessed or Jason DeRulo’s Whatcha Say. Gossip Girl. All those came and went. My current addiction? The one I started just today? SubtleDig blogs. I occasionally read Legally Questionable Content, and he posted an update about a particular Arrogant Slacker on t14. I’m fairly positive there will be negative ramifications for what I’m about to say, even though I’m not entirely in agreement with how he went about dishing ‘dirt’ on his fellow classmate, but his shite is absolutely hilarious. We’re surrounded by phony people all day long. We, ourselves, are polite and closemouthed when it comes to certain things that offend us, but he at least has some kind of testicles to say something about whatever is bothering him – although it is posted anonymously… to which I wonder how long is that going to last…

The point is, as I finished the post in question, I snickered and had a ball, almost bawling with silent laughter. Until I read his Yellow Fever post. Then, I just really went hysterical and let out audible chuckles. Maybe my sense of humour is different from everyone else, but growing up, I never had an issue with race. I might have been made fun of due to my appearance because I attended predominantly Hispanic and black schools, but being called a Chink or a – I don’t know… whatever offensive racial slur one can think of for a person of Asian descent – I really wouldn’t bat an eyelash. Anyway, he’ll definitely be one of the people I’ll be following from time to time… along with Soleil from Columbia, also at t14.

But before I end this update, written half-tipsily, I just want to say I can’t freaking wait for the rest of The Saga’s Chapter 3 from life at 160. It reads like a sick soap opera script. I found myself voraciously hoovering up his every word. Dudes, I came home from getting drinks with one of my girlfriends wanting to find out what happens between Mr. [Redacted] and Kate….

SO ANYWAY. I just wanted to let you all know what I was currently diggin’. Cos I really think subtledig blawgs are kinda awesome and you should all check them out if you haven’t already. And if you have, you should do it again for my benefit, cos I’m slow when it comes to these things and maybe I caught onto something that came after you gave up on it.