Fashion Friday (for the Frugal), Vol. 2

by Sue


I know what you’re all thinking – “YOU SLACKER! You’re late! By like five million weeks!” And it’s true. I’m sorry, but I’m here now – even though it’s Monday and not Friday (See, I’m not two days late; I’m four days early!!! har har). And that’s all that matters, right? :D Right. So without further ado… If you can still recall Vol. 1 of this series, I introduced to you the Essential Men’s Wardrobe. You can only do so much description and explanation of Rules via text, so today I present the visual version of the EMW. Pretend this is your closet:


This is what should be inside your closet:






You will notice that on each of these collages, I’ve included a description with where I found the piece and the price (which are unfortunately a month old, but it still gives you an idea the cost of these items when they’re on clearance at the mentioned retailers). So in the event that you lose all your clothes – house got burned down in California, rained out in the Gulf Coast, blown away by a tornado in the Midwest, or frozen solid in the Northeast, you can count on the fact that it will cost about $650 to begin the process of restoring your beloved wardrobe.

But the reason why I’m incorporating images is so that I can illustrate today’s lesson: layering. I’ve been swearing up and down, preaching on my soap box about layering – the idea that you don’t have to purchase five million pieces to create one month’s worth of outfits, but instead can just have a few solid and classic pieces to do the same. It saves space for those of you who live in NYC prison-cell sized apartments and also money for all you students! We like more space and money, don’t we? :)


The 3 pairings are a bit on the casual side. The first is the blazer, a dark fitted tee, and dark wash denim. You could easily wear this with a pair of clean, non-disheveled Chucks on an evening outing with a hot date at some cute trendy cafe or something. Honestly, now that I look at it, you can wear all of these outfits on an outing with a hot date. The second row uses the same dark fitted tee and dark wash denim, but with the ‘grab on the go’ structured jacket; this one is definitely more casual than the first. Finally, the third is more for a day time outing. It uses the same dark fitted tee but with khaki chinos (or khaki shorts, not pictured) and a gray cardigan. Perfect for museums or paintballing…

That’s 3 out of 7 days where you’re awesomely dressed and it’s only using one dark coloured, fitted tee. Imagine all the possible arrangements you can use with the remaining shirts, trousers, and outerwear! (No, maths people, this is not a challenge for you to tell me the exact number.) Though, now, I need to make something clear because I fear this might be a problem… Just because I showed three different outfits using the same shirt does not mean you can wear it three days in a row without washing them! Do laundry!

Until later this week…