‘Sanctuary’ Policy?

by Sue

I’m not generalizing and saying all people who are here without papers (hereon known as “illegals”) are criminals, but the people who do come here and do commit a crime should be punished accordingly. I was watching the news this afternoon to learn that an officer was shot and killed – by illegals. It’s not in the article, but in the news cast earlier, both Nava-Maldonado and Mendez-Rosales had rap sheets a mile long. N-M was in California in the late 1990s convicted for assault and various other charges. He was deported back to Mexico. It takes someone in law enforcement to be killed before Mayor White and other officials recognise there hasn’t been an efficient way to track all the crimes that have occurred on US soil by illegals.

In January 2008, my mum and I were going home from a cafe for tea time. We were at the busiest intersection in Houston during rush hour. With my mum, I am the most cautious drver. My light to turn left was green for 5 seconds, and I checked to make sure no other cars decided to run any red lights. I started my turn, and out of nowhere, a smaller red coupe makes a turn out of the parking lot and onto the street, going 55 miles an hour, heading straight toward the passenger side of my vehicle. I’m grateful I took the family car instead of my Miata. I’m grateful that my mum yelped when she saw the car, and I’m grateful my reflexes were quick enough.

Everything was a blur, but I remember calling the police. I remember a woman who claimed to be a nurse rush over to my mum’s side, telling her to stay still. I remember freaking out, just bawling because I didn’t know what else I could do. But what I remember most was those two men in the car were not hurt and were trying to run before several people stopped them.

The police, firemen, EMS, and tow truck came. They put my mum on the stretcher. I answered questions; I asked a few of my own. It’s one thing to be told that the driver does not have insurance or a driver’s license. It’s another thing to be told that they don’t have papers to be here in the US and won’t “have to pay” for what they have done besides being deported back to the country from which they came.

Other than a few militant groups patrolling the borders, there is nothing to stop these people from coming back, and for all I know, those two men are already back here. I’ve worked with people who are here illegally, and I know not all of them are reckless. But there has to be a better way track these wrong-doings down, and in a way, I’m glad there finally is some discussion on this matter.