The (Very Possibly) Over-Dramatic Fears of a Super “0L”

by Sue

It’s true. I freak out a lot. Maybe a little more than most people. Here are a few things I’m currently biting my manicured fingernails over:

Before Law School

1. I’m going to make a 120 on the LSAT.
2. Oh my god, my personal statement!!!! OH MY GOD MY PERSONAL STATEMENT!!!!
3. I’m going to get wait listed by all the schools to which I apply.
4. I’m not going to get into any of my top six schools.
5. I’m not going to get into any law schools, period.

During Law School

1. I will have no friends. Everyone hates me because I turn out to be a gunner?
2. I’m going to get mugged. or shot. or something violent will happen to me.
3. I’m not smart enough, sob. And I’ll drop out. or flunk. or shoot myself in the face.
4. My computer will crash on me at the last minute and my outlines and stuff are all erased/not accessible and I am stupid enough to not have a back-up?? (True story via yours truly. Only it was my thesis on Alexander the Great and his relationship with the women of Bactria.)
5. Being called on in class. And then ridiculed. Even though I studied. (really, relates to #3)
6. I will eat only Funyuns and tuna from the can while I study, holed up in a cubicle in the library… (True story via friend’s friend’s husband?)
7. All the supplements that are on my bookcase will miraculously topple over and I’ll die by the sheer weight of them falling on top of me.

Post-Law School
(This is only wishful thinking if I even get into law school and survive all 3 years.)

1. I don’t get a job?????

This list may grow exponentially once I read and learn more from past and current law students, and of course, when I can think of some more… I do tend to think and over-think a lot. And yes, I did write this while laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of some of these. I just can’t help it :'(