Obligatory Introduction of Sorts…?

by Sue

When I was 5, it had already been three years since I moved to a suburb of San Francisco with my parents, who were both seeking better opportunities for their only daughter. By this time, I’ve had two crushes and a best friend with whom I shared everything in my toybox. I remember one time in kindergarten, when playtime came around, I wanted to play mommy of the household, and a girl and I got into a squabble over the “mommy purse.” We knocked down the makeshift shelf on the floor, and we were sent to sit on the reading rug while we watched others play. I believe I ‘mewed’ like a cat at some point of our punishment to which My Lin barked like a dog. Pretty soon our bickering was all forgotten, and I was being chased around on the carpet, on all fours mind you, meowing like a deranged feline.

When I was 10, it had been four years since I moved from Oakland to Houston. I had my own room and my own bed, complete with Lion King sheets. I had a bike with which I tried to learn to ride. I still haven’t learned that lesson yet. Bingo, my German shepherd, died a year after our move due to eating something our neighbours threw over the fence. I was in fifth grade, and it was the second year I had the same teacher; I still keep in touch with Ms. Livers from time to time. Fifth grade was a Big Deal because we were all moving on to Bigger and Better Things. I applied to five or six middle schools, and despite my outstanding grades and awards, I was still rejected from one school. I will never forget what you did to me, Purple Pup. I was a complete nerdy girl in sixth grade; I read the Iliad on the bus ride home, for Pete’s sake. I was also the most traumatized sixth grader by November.

When I was 15, I had already gone under the knife six times and made the decision to let my sight be. I still have not made peace with it yet, and there are times when I think about committing myself to an established religion for my selfish healing reasons. Either that or think about turning into a vampire, also for selfish healing reasons, ha ha ha. I moved on from middle school as a presidential scholar, was accepted to all five schools I applied to, and chose to attend one of the top fifty high schools in the country. By the end of my sophomore year, I was accepted into a dual credit program that allowed me to finish my high school diploma while getting college credits, complete with the “full college experience.” I was barely 16 when I moved into a dorm room and began classes; it was on the eve of my 16th birthday that my heart was broken by my first kiss. I was 16 when I went to my first frat party and had my first taste of Everclear.

A year and four months ago, I was 20. It had been a year since I graduated summa cumme laude with a B.A. in history, minoring in classical studies and Chinese. I worked at Citi for a year, focusing on financial and retirement planning, until I realised that as much as I enjoyed interacting with the people I met, I was never truly satisfied. I entered the hospitality industry, plotting my next move. I signed up for a pre-pharmacy program, despite the fact I was never a maths or science-oriented Chinese girl, and I got a rude awakening upon receiving the syllabus for Chemistry I; I was not cut out for six years of something for which I had no motivation. What next?

Law school had always been an in-my-face option. As a child born to Chinese parents, there are ever only three options for your career: doctor, lawyer, or engineer. After revealing my incompetence in subjects related to something other than the humanities, what choice was left? I policy-debated in high school; I did exceedingly well in my intoductory law classes, as I attempted to get a post-baccalaureate degree in political science. But it wasn’t until after the first month working at the firm I’m still currently with that it dawned on me that I loved what I was doing, and better yet, I -would- love it. At this point in time, I’m pulling out my hair and biting my fingernails trying to figure out logic games and hoping my brain does not turn into mush by the 15th logical reasoning question during the actual LSAT.